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Wilson Industrial Electric, Inc. has been watching the growing demand for water purification and clean water usage systems, that will allow you to lower the overall usage of water. By recycling the water you have and filtering it through the system, it can be used over and over again. 

As the environment changes, so does the way we consume our precious resources, such as water.  The environment is heading us in the direction of being able to do more, with less waste.  So with that in mind, we have teamed up with a company from Italy to produce water filtration systems to handle this ongoing issue.  MATEC is a full stainless steel unit.  They are manufactured in Italy and are now assembled here in the U.S. 

Water filtration systems come in various sizes, from small start up plants, to major facilities.  Check your water usage for each piece of equipment that you have and give us a call.  We will be glad to quote a water filtration system for you. 

Remember, this is an investment that you will make now, that will bring you years of satisfaction, knowing that you made a difference not only in your own business and life, but the lives of your children and grandchildren.

Check out for information about Matec Water Filtration Systems at www.matecamerica.com